Oil and gas investments that make sense

Bence András

As an Advisor, Mr. András brings over 30 years of finance experience to PanAm. Some of his experience and achievements include:

  • Over 30 years of experience in finance and asset management.
  • Graduated from university in Munich, Germany as Diplom-Kaufmann.
  • Held several managerial positions with JP Morgan and UBS AG in international industrial lending in Frankfurt and New York.
  • Responsible for long-term care and management in the areas of investment advice and wealth management at UBS AG in Zurich.
  • European director of Blue Elephant Resources Ltd., as well as a director and officer of Blue Arrow Energy Advisors, Ltd., a company providing management services for Blue Elephant.
  • A Founding partner and Managing Director of Proventus AG, an asset management company in Zurich, Switzerland. At Proventus, focuses on individual customer support and asset acquisition within a family office concept, specializing in ongoing analysis and implementation of strategic central investment themes.
  • In 2007, did further training at IESE Business School in the Advanced Management Program in Barcelona, Spain.