Oil and gas investments that make sense

What PanAm offers

Image of recently completed well
Image of recently completed well

PanAm Energy offers ACCREDITED INVESTORS and other investors (through our Exempt Market Offerings) the opportunity to invest in income focused Limited Partnerships (LPs) with specific mandates:

  • Investors participate in the LPs by purchasing Units
  • Each Unit gives the investor a pro rata, direct ownership in everything the LPs hold or in which they invest
  • Participation via Units of LPs offer investors limited liability
  • Pooling investment capital in LPs creates exposure to a greater number of investment opportunities, providing effective risk reduction.

Why choose PanAm

Image of horizontal drilling,
courtesy of StatoilHydro

Led by a Management and Advisory Board with over 150 years of oil and gas experience, PanAm Energy offers investors a transparent and disciplined investment management platform in North America. Attractive targets and tax-advantaged investment products are just two of the reasons why we make sense.

We also offer:

  • Deep vertical expertise in the oil and gas industry
  • Favorable fund structures
  • Audited and annually published financial results by Deloitte’s World-Wide Energy Services Teams
  • Reserve evaluations by third party world class engineering firms
  • Quarterly reporting and regular planned cash distributions
  • Operational risk mitigation
  • Oil and gas investments in stable and safe regions – Canada and the United States

Our portfolio variations

PanAm Energy’s investment products offer our investors a range of strategies and yield options to choose from.

PanAm Oil & Gas Income LPs

  • Focused on direct ownership in proven, producing wells.
  • Up to 10% may be invested in development.

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PanAm Oil & Gas Income and Development LPs

  • The typical mix is 50% invested in direct ownership of income producing properties and 50% invested in development drilling opportunities.

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PanAm Oil & Gas Lease Acquisition & Development Fund

  • In this fund, approximately 80% of capital available for investment will be directed toward
    mineral lease acquisitions within PanAm’s study areas where previously by-passed oil &
    gas bearing zones are now economically viable to develop.

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