Oil and gas investments that make sense

PanAm’s Strategy

Image of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

As project managers and “hands on” operators in the field for traditional oil and gas programs, our primary focus is on exploration and development. Part of due diligence in our day-to-day operations involves identifying and evaluating new opportunities.

Recent economic conditions and resulting pressure on institutional lenders and brokerage firms have made it difficult for small to mid-size and even large oil and gas companies to raise additional development financing. In response, oil companies have turned to selling income-producing oil and gas assets as well as offering for participation, some of their best quality development prospects.

We have therefore complemented our normal programs of exploration and development drilling with an exclusive acquisition program of quality proven producing and non-producing reserves. We focus our attention on finding properties we feel have additional upside with only a modest amount of development.

We can tailor investment programs to meet any stated objective, be it a focus on:

  • Income;
  • Income and Development; or
  • Lease Acquisition & Development Fund.

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